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14th November 1940 A-Z

14th November 1940 A-Z

This is a project I have been working on about the victims of the Coventry blitz. A lot of people died and some weren't identified. I have researched the list of people who lost their lives in the Moonlight Sonata on 14th November 1940, including their family history, images and life, in order to capture the person that was lost rather than them being a statistic. 

  • Surnames

    Adams, Ager, Ahessy, Allitt, Allport, Allton, Ashby, Atkins, Ball, Banyard, Barker, Barratt, Barrell, Barritt, Barron, Baseley, Bass, Bawden, Baxter, Bayliss, Beadle, Beasley, Bell, Bennett, Berry, Billings, Bird, Blockley, Bott, Bowers, Bown, Boyles, Briers, Brit, Brown, Buckenham, Buckley, Burns, Burton, Butterfield, Cain, Carvell, Chinn, Clarke, Claypole, Clutterbuck, Collett, Collier, Collingridge, Cooke, Cooper, Courts, Cramp, Crawford, Cronan, Cronin, Cuthbertson, Daines, Daly, Danes, Davis, Deacon, Dennis, Dingley, Doyle, Eaves, Edmunds, Edwards, Eggington, Elliott, Elson, Endersby, Evans, Farr, Faulkner, Felgate, Fern, Florence, Freeman, Frost, Garside, Golby, Goodwin, Gough, Graham, Green, Grinham, Hadington, Hands, Harbourne, Harris, Harrison, Hartell, Hartopp, Haynes, Heath, Henly, Heynes, Hill, Hipkiss, Hiscocks, Hoare, Hobbs, Hobday, Holder, Holland, Hollingsworth, Hughes, Humphreys, Hydon, Ince, Inman, Isitt, Jackson, James, Jeffery, Johnstone, Jones, Jowett, Judd, Kemble, Kendrick, Kilburn, Kimberley, Kinzett, Laing, Lambe, Lampitt, Lapworth, Law, Layton, Leeson, Lenton, Lettford, Lewin, Leworthy, Liggins, Littlehales, Lovell, Needle, Neville, Newall, Newsome, Nightingale, Nolan, Norman, Mallard, Marley, Marsden, Mason, Masser, Masters, McArthur, McCormack, McGarrity, Miles, Miller, Mills, Moody, Morrell, Morris, Moss, Murphy, Pargetter, Parncutt, Parr, Parsons, Partington, Philips, Podesta, Pointon, Porter, Preston, Price, Print, Proctor, Prosser, Purchase, Oliver, Orton, Osborne, Overbury, Randell, Redgate, Rees, Richardson, Riley, Ring, Robbins, Roberts, Robinson, Robson, Rogers, Rollason, Rollins, Rooms, Roper, Rose, Roughton, Ruddick, Rutter, Satchell, Scarrott, Scott, Sharrocks, Shillcock, Shore, Simpson, Sims, Sinclair, Smith, Smyth, Spalding, Spencer, Stephen, Stokes, Storer, Stubbs, Sutton, Tallis, Tanner, Tarver, Taylor, Thompsell, Thompson, Thorpe, Timms, Tipson, Toney, Tong, Tovey, Twamley, Villiers, West, White, Whitehouse, Williams, Wilson, Winterburn, Wiseman, Witcombe, Wood, Woodfield, Wright, Walford, Walsh, Walters, Ward, Warren, Watson, Yardley, Yates, Yeomans

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